Your Home Should Look Like…..YOU!!

My home mantra has been, as I am sure it will continue to be, that your home, like the clothes you wear, should look like you, not like you put on your mom’s suit, or your dad’s jacket. or even your best friend’s favorite pair of jeans…although they may fit them .. make them feel like the bees’ knees.. you end up looking like you are playing dress up.
So, why would you want to buy mass produced art to express your individual taste and style? This question, for those driven to thrift by necessity or by choice produces a problem…
So, the answer came to me one day while searching for inspiration at the book store. I came upon a website that sold sections from vintage and antique books.. this , my friend, opened a whole wonderland of possibilities.   I began searching used book stores everywhere for a book i could start with.
Here are some things i have framed for my own house:
Decorative paper that i found at a gift shop. it is a copy from one of my favorite books:

Mrs. Beeton’s Book of Household Management.

fruit plates, puddings, and tortes oh my!!!!!!

I think this was my very first project.   I found the open backed frame at a tag sale. I bought the matting at hobby lobby and painted it the colors I wanted with paint. I bought the glass and had it set at hobby lobby – all for a song.   Not literally, I think it was $15.

The book that started it all. I found it at a used book store in tulsa.  What i a find!!!   I think it was $12

The website that started my search was They are still a huge inspiration for me. I look on the site from time to time and find what they are selling. Then, I look on ebay for the same book. So, go find a book you like, keep your eyes peeled for those open backed frames at goodwill, sales, etc. Have them mounted at your local craft store and I think your home will begin to look more and more like a mirror of you..
If you have a budding seamstress in the fam… I have seen some amazing framed vintage patterns.
Think of strange but beautiful things.. I saw some amazing framed bat lithographs. I love eggs, nests.. everything… the possibilities are endless!!
So, there you go my lovelies! Make it your own!
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